Procyon Mukherjee
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An avid reader, writer, social thinker, manufacturing leader with working experience in India and Europe. After a four year stint in Switzerland, have now returned to India to head a large unit, which is expanding.

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Truth ONLY
Proactive Resilience to deal with large variables in the environment with a cognitive ability that strives to constantly challenge so that truth resonates

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Procyon Mukherjee

I am no sage but, living in humble quarters
Forsaking for souls, making a sacrifice
To leave my footprints

I am walking on constant pebbles
When the white dove lands for a peck
And the air smells of July

The sea is silent barring the wind
Like some chirping performer
Gets the act with admiring shores

No one weeps, or misses a life
A promise, a hope lost, or an act of great loss,
Good things move on here.