procyon mukherjeeIn a world that has expanded beyond its physical boundaries through constant innovation, there is still a large gap between what is known and what is unknown as information moves through a new set of challenges. While the overload of information takes us to new frontiers of cognitive abilities as never before, it raises the sceptor of doubt that it has limited our abilities to discern through the myriad of over-information to find out what is closer to truth that is falsifiable, as great Popper would have done.

Our deep attention to the trivia of information draws us away from the real hurdles that truth poses and we are more inattentive to the fundamentals therefore.

Our aim should be to draw from the more general observations the specificity of truth which is more verifiable, more falsifiable and that is based on a pursuit of losing rather than gaining as we believe that truth is never an end but a journey towards an end. Our ability to debate and to argue should not be enfeebled by the allegiance to different positions that we take, sometimes in different capacities as members of a society or a company.

All our views are based on our own valued judgment of society and its morals, it has no connection to any group or organization or any institution.