Did you ever look into the customer residing in you, the one which wakes up at every opportunity when a buying decision has to be made?


The customer is always the winner from the start, the early you knew this the better. The fair value of an exchange has this odd but only outcome; without this outcome the exchange could be non-repeatable and therefore undesirable.


This is that discerning ability latent in every person that wants to create value from an exchange; there is a mix of self-indulgence in every buy, a characteristic urge to be better treated as if there was a favor involved.


Psychologists could better deal with this inner feeling that we posses as customers. In all fairness, this is not exactly the feeling we nurture when we sell.


The customer in you pops up with the odd request, the one you would never make when you are sitting on the other side of the bargain. The development of this frame of mind is crafted over the last hundred years at the most, when consumerism has thrived and the customer became the central piece of the business.


This is not the case if it was a barter, an equal exchange in all fairness. The modern version of buying and selling can have only one winner, the customer in you. It is thus never a zero-sum game, it has the winner from the start, the customer of course.


If you could nurture the customer in you, the mindset or the insight, you could actually understand better what your final customer could be aiming to achieve.


The hypothesis however is that you possess that quintessential self-awareness to be able to put the distinguishable hats on your head, one when you are making the buying or the selling decision and vice versa.


But that effaceable gesture to act in the shoes of a customer while making a sale and in the shoes of a seller while making a buy, is often not what we end up doing.


The customer in you wakes up at odd times, striking the balance is always not in your hands; you could end up rubbing the wrong sentiments and a good exchange could end up as an average one.


Knowing the customer in you will make you better understand the nuances of the buying experience that you wish your actual customer would like to have or not have. But in the digital world this could become increasingly difficult to gauge as your customer actually does not have a recognizable face to begin with.


For business to business transactions this could look rather complex to comprehend as a business is not exactly one single idea but a final product of many objective functions, some of them could be co-existing at odds to each other.


The customer in you is also sometimes not one single melody, but a central theme harmonized against a mix of themes.


Think of sentiments you show when you are buying a less expensive product but you have all the desires for the more expensive attributes that the product cannot support at the price point you desire it to be.


While the desires are finally taken to the logical conclusion through the balance of capacity to pay, the urge inside you wakes up to the final call. You always win as the customer.


Wake the customer in you, learn from him, to adjust to the worldly exchange of desires with capacity or without.


The customer is always the winner from the start, this realization will do wonders in your business if you understood this early enough.


No wonder, those businesses who go out of the way to make the customer the winner, actually know this better than others.

Customer in You

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