Somewhere else this has a beginning or just a hint of start

Like a boisterous nod

The lid is about to open to the possibilities of life,

a leaf waving in the wind or just a small sip of an afternoon coffee

that missed nothing, nor the milk or the stirrer

I am looking at myself with an awe

That left me thinking


Somewhere else this was

Like a day I wanted it to be

Not blue but yellow

Not the raging rejection but just a smile spilling over

It was not here but there

Not within, not without


The leaf could be hanging in the air

Swirling in the wind for that opportune moment

Somewhere, I don’t know

Where I am yet to be

Watching the lapse of a time I had never been part of



I am looking at you with that unmistakable inquiry,

all that is left of the evening is beside

Somewhere else we could be but we aren’t, why would we

This is where we are and will be

Somewhere else, but here

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